Andy Crouch on why we can’t see the faith-work connection: “We’re missing chapters of our Bible.”

Andy Crouch said something provocative (well, more than one thing provocative) at the Redeeming Work conference here in the Twin Cities yesterday. By way of explaining why today’s Christians have been so blind to the spiritual significance of everyday work, Andy made this blunt claim: “We are missing chapters of our Bible.” Huh? Really? Is [Read More…]

Patheos Faith and Work Channel welcomes a new blogger

Patheos Faith and Work Channel  welcomes our newest blogger, J. B. Wood of “Shrinking the Camel.” J. B. is a businessman trying to bring his spiritual life and his business life together. Read more about his struggles and joys, and leave him a comment, here. We are excited to welcome J.B. to the channel.  Stay tuned [Read More…]

Hello, Officer

What would you do if you were in this policeman’s shoes! [Read more…]

Do you need resources? Of course you do

Resources for understanding God and influencing culture. [Read more…]

A book worth another look

Does the clergy-laity division have any basis in the New Testament? [Read more…]

Work must serve more than the bottom line

Warnings about the dangers work poses often issue from the mouths of those who have themselves allowed work to take captive their very souls. [Read more…]