Atheism growing in the workplace

Reprinted from the Center for Faith and Work at LeTourneau University. We encourage you also to read a post that appeared in this space recently, “I once was found but now am lost,” and some of the resources it links to. If it seems like more and more people in your workplace disdain faith in [Read More…]

Kuyper Center Annual Conference 2015: Faith in the Workplace Symposium

Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) – Dutch pastor, theologian, journalist and politician — was instrumental in the revival of Calvinism as a worldview worthy of practical allegiance and sustained critical reflection. In 1898 he visited Princeton and delivered the Stone Lectures that year, his famous Lectures on Calvinism. Kuyper’s political theology is widely regarded as providing a [Read More…]

From the archives: Vocation, the holy grail of corporate America

Five hundred billion dollars. That’s how much economists estimate the US economy loses every year due to employee disengagement. [Read more…]

We only wanted a youthworker….

Where once retailers were strangers, they are now a united group, proudly sharing photographs of their joint achievement. Where they acted as competitors towards each other, they now act like a mini Neighborhood Watch group alerting one another to thefts and break-ins. Once again, something of the life-giving kingdom breaks through. [Read more…]

Giving Jesus a bad name

By Mike Coyner To me the name Jesus is not just a good name, it is the “name above every other name” (Philippians 2:9-11). But too many Christians (or at least people who call themselves Christians) are giving Jesus a bad name. That is the conclusion of several recent studies and surveys. People in general [Read More…]

From the archives: Meaningless jobs?

In what ways have you seen others bring meaning to a “meaningless job?” In what ways have you shared the gospel through your work? [Read more…]