[VIDEO] Even more great talks to encourage you from the Faith@Work Summit

Some more great talks from the Faith@Work Summit have now been posted. (Here’s the first set and here’s the second set.) Enjoy! Cheryl Broetje on shaping and caring for workers. (Caution: you may need a Kleenex!) Larry Ward on creating jobs: Gloria Nelund on being a Christian in the corporate world: Eric Welch on faith [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Faith@Work Summit: We have videos for you!

Some great and inspiring talks from the Faith@Work Summit have now been posted–including some from folks you’ve read on this channel. Here is Katherine Leary Alsdorf on why faith at work is important: Will Messenger on the big picture of God’s Word on work, in a talk also published as a Theology of Work Project [Read More...]

Forum on Faith and Work: Living as Disciples in the 9-to-5 World

When we look at the world we know at Church on Sunday and the world we work in during the week,  the two worlds often seem like different and disconnected places. How do we connect our Sunday faith  with our weekly work? This session will explore how we can bridge the two worlds and live [Read More...]

Movement Day Greater Dallas


The mission of Movement Day Greater Dallas (MDGD) is to unite the body of Christ around a common purpose in order to achieve measureable progress against the greatest spiritual, social, and humanitarian challenges facing the city. MDGD will also serve as a model and catalyst for gospel movements worldwide. Consider these sobering statistics: 97% fatherlessness [Read More...]

Do Legos matter to God?


By Dan Anderson “Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome when we’re living our dream!” If you have kids or grandkids and have seen the Lego Movie, you probably hate me right now for getting that crazy theme song stuck in your head again! But there’s a [Read More...]

Pastors and lay leaders: I hate my job

We’re returning to our occasional series of posts on work and vocation (linked at the bottom of this post) in Christian history by Faith and Work Channel senior editor and Christian History magazine senior editor Chris Armstrong. Enjoy! We’ve been talking about how much God values our work and how important it is to his [Read More...]