Casting Call for Muslim Women

Have you ever dreamed of being a hijabi in couture, strutting the runway in the fashion metropolises of Milan, New York or Paris without having to unravel that scarf you hold dear?  Well, maybe you haven’t, but if you have, you’re in luck: thanks to Muslim fashion designer, Nailah Lymus, your dream may be in reach.In November, Eren wrote a great piece on Muslim and Arab women breaking onto the fashion scene, and discussed Lymus’ commitment to changing the industry. UNDERWRAPS is the first … [Read more...]

Maya Khan’s Marriage Police

Maya Khan on Samaa TV. Photo via Huffington Post.

When your everyday news consists of the purported collapse of your government and a small but unfortunate obsession with treating the ill with fake drugs at a major regional cardiology institute, it seems that very few things will actually cause you to upchuck any remaining disgust floating around in your metaphorically ulcer-ridden stomach.Fortunately for Pakistani TV station Samaa, Maya Khan was able to do just that.Okay, so maybe I’ve got too much of a flair for the occasional h … [Read more...]

Art of Words: Women Calligraphers Then and Now

Lubna Shaik's Calligraphic Collage, via Suhaibwebb

A few days ago, Lubna Shaikh posted this calligraphic collage craft idea for children on, in honor of the remembrance of the birth of the Prophet. Lubna writes that there is a need to "seek creative ways of imparting the knowledge of our deen" to children, to help them cultivate a personal connection with the religion.The connections between calligraphy, education and religion are deep-rooted in Islam, from the first revealed word of the Quran, Iqra (Read). The prophet's … [Read more...]

Reading Too Much into Veenagate

Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress with a special flair for controversy. She first made major headlines after confronting a Mullah who accused her of inappropriate and vulgar behavior while participating on the Indian reality show ‘Bigg Boss.’ Her confrontation was praised by many, as she took a stand against general double-standards thrown at men and women in Pakistani society as well as staunchly stating that she did not need to be told about her religion.“I’m a Muslim woman and I know my … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Crescent Directive

The Crescent Directive was, for me, a fun but perplexing read.  The concept is simple and noble: it gives guidelines for American Muslims on how to lay a groundwork for action in our communities in order to improve our image in America.Written by Khurram Dara, the book starts out with looking at how Islam and Muslims have evolved in American discourse since 9/11. He then explains the current situation of the American Muslim community and talks about why certain efforts at understanding … [Read more...]

Revisiting Miriam Cooke’s “Muslimwoman”

Photograph by Shekaiba Wakili

Miriam Cooke has described her use of "Muslimwoman" in one word as a reference to embracing and performing a singular gendered and religious identity, a way of reflecting the intertwining of gender and religion and describing this erasure of diversity. In 2008, in her essay on deploying this term, Cooke explained:The neologism Muslimwoman draws attention to the emergence of a new singular religious and gendered identification that overlays national, ethnic, cultural, historical, and even … [Read more...]

Reviving the Spirit Without Recognizing Half The Audience?

Editor’s Note: As previous RIS-themed posts have noted (see our post from 2008, two posts from 2009, and two posts from the 2011 Convention), the lack of women scholars is a persistent problem at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit events.  Here, Sumaya, a guest contributor to MMW, outlines some of the reasons that this is problematic, and proposes possible speakers for future conferences.So it’s been a couple weeks since the end of the 10th annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit conf … [Read more...]