Deconstructing Pre-Marriage Advice for Singaporean Muslims

This is my marriage contract, certifying that my husband and I went through a “marriage ceremony peformed under Islamic rites”, and that he had agreed to certain “special conditions” otherwise known as ta’aliq. We didn’t pay much attention to the conditions provided to us by the kadi (judge) from the syariah court, dismissing it as a formality. But this article prompted my husband to promptly tear up the contract.Last week, an organisation dedicated to converts in Singapore was accused of tea … [Read more...]

Finding Common Ground in Gender Equality and Democracy: Shirin Ebadi and Nadia Al-Sakkaf Speak in Mexico

Last July, Mexico had elections. Six years ago, the Mexican conservative government was accused  of electoral fraud to maintain power, while this year the party that ruled Mexico for over 70 years through undemocratic elections has returned to power. Very much like the “democratic” regimes in the Middle East, Mexico has never really known democracy. Whether it is the American government “preferring” certain candidates, irregularities in elections, or the plain and simple effects of poverty and ec … [Read more...]

Film Review: Unveiled Views

“When someone wants to be an artist, because they cannot let what’s going on around them stay the same, achieving fame in the world of art becomes unimportant.” –Alma Suljevic I am a lover of all art forms, including cinema; the Women Make Movies initiative, and the kind of varied and thought-provoking cinema they help produce, has always captured my interest.Alba Sotorra’s 2009 film Unveiled Views was a movie I could sit and proudly watch on my own, or even watch with family. … [Read more...]

Love, Love, Love: Muslim Women and Marriage in the Media

Love and marriage and relationships have been everywhere these days, especially as they relate to Muslims, and particularly Muslim women. After reading a highly gendered, sexist and inappropriate article on the women that men should not marry, which fortunately was tackled by MMW’s Sara in a humorous piece, I decided to take a look into how Muslim women’s love choices (or lack of choice) have been portrayed lately in the media.Starting with the fact that love + Muslim women equals an eno … [Read more...]

A Broken Record on Muslim Women’s Salvation

I woke up one morning last week feeling betrayed. I couldn’t pinpoint the source of this overwhelming nausea of deception, but there it was, swimming in the pools of last night’s dinner mixed in with some proverbial bile.Luckily for my body and eternal salvation, I received a quick diagnosis for those feelings of betrayal by writer Ida Lichter, who recently wrote an article for The Australian, later picked up by The Huffington Post [Religion], entitled “Feminists Betrayed Islamic Women.” In t … [Read more...]

The Pink Hijab Day Blues

It's that time of year again: the weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colour, my students are stressed about midterm season...  and for the past couple weeks, the Pink Hijab Day invitations have been popping up in my newsfeed.Pink Hijab Day is an annual event, taking place in October each year (this year’s was actually yesterday in most places).  According to the Global Pink Hijab Day 2012 Facebook event, the event “was intended to remove stereotypes of Muslim women by having M … [Read more...]

Looking “Pretty”: Muslim Women and the World of Cosmetics

After graduating and finding myself sub-employed in the world of retail, I have had the opportunity to closely explore the cosmetics industry. While in university I acquired my Makeup Artistry certification from a recognized school in Canada because I enjoyed colour and makeup so much. Since I was a child I enjoyed playing with my mom’s cosmetics, and I used to long for the day that I would be allowed to wear lipsticks and eye shadows.Yet, after working so closely in the cosmetics industry, i … [Read more...]