Colours and Voices: The International Museum of Women Muslima


After converting to Islam, I struggled with my community’s views on art, women and the combination of both. Having grown up in a society that prides itself on a variety of artistic movements, and being part of a very artistic family, I felt uncomfortable accepting my Muslim community’s idea that art is prohibited in Islam.Growing up, I was part of a children’s musical show that played music specifically for children. Being a child singer was a great part of my life from age four to eight … [Read more...]

Creating Spaces of Reconciliation: Queer Muslims Congregate


Queer Muslim. These two words appear to be incongruent terms in many contexts; however, there has been a real commitment recently to creating a discourse that allows for queer Muslim voices to be respected and validated. It is tiring to be caught in conversations when the various parties cannot accept each other simply for their differences and instead resort to admonitions of an individual’s or a group’s connection to the Most High, based on their sexual identity. It can be emotionally and spi … [Read more...]

Would the Real Muslim Woman Please Stand Up?

Panelists at a symposium on Islamophobia, hosted by the American Islamic College.

Editor's Note: This post was written by Yasmin Ali.  I apologise for not including her name when this was originally posted. - KristaI recently attended a symposium on Islamophobia at American Islamic College titled “Facing Religious Intolerance: Islamophobia in the 21st Century .” Panel members included Nathan Lean as well as Ahmed Rehab and Dr. Farid Hafez.  The panel was moderated by Laith Al-Saud, who is a professor of Islamic World Studies at DePaul University.   Nathan Lean is a scholar … [Read more...]

Sex Education, Not “Sex Parties”: Protesting Valentine’s Day In Indonesia

Not celebrating. Source: Toronto Star

In recent months, Indonesia has been appearing in the Asian media every time there is a non-Muslim celebration. I first noticed this with the debates on wishing "Merry Christmas" by Muslims to Christians, on Christians holding Christmas mass, and the accounts of violence done to churches in December 2012. A few weeks ago, the same debates were repeated on the occasion of Imlek, or Chinese New Year, on the mistaken basis of it being a Buddhist tradition, even though it is a national holiday. Now, … [Read more...]

World Hijab Day: Everyone’s Favourite Dress-Up Day

Cartoon via: personofcolour “My comic re: tokenization of Muslim women, “Hijab Day.”

This post was written by guest contributor Shireen Ahmed. A version of this post was previously posted on her blog.Every year there are a group of women who celebrate, support and participate in World Hijab Day. This year February 1, 2013 marked the day where women all over the world would be “invited” to wear a scarf on their head in solidarity with Muslim sisters across the globe.This phenomenon has garnered much attention. It has exploded through social media and has been embraced by M … [Read more...]

Talked into Complacency: A Muslim Woman Responds to Trudeau’s Message at RIS


“Let me begin with a story. A story from your history. One that I hope will stay in your minds as you think about our common future.”These are words taken from a speech recently delivered by Justin Trudeau, a well-known Canadian politician, to the thousands of Muslims in attendance at the most recent Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention. I was not in attendance at the conference, but after reading Trudeau’s speech, which he published on the Huffington Post, I was enraged by his audacity in … [Read more...]

Finding Common Ground in Gender Equality and Democracy: Shirin Ebadi and Nadia Al-Sakkaf Speak in Mexico

Nadia Al-Sakkaf.

Last July, Mexico had elections. Six years ago, the Mexican conservative government was accused  of electoral fraud to maintain power, while this year the party that ruled Mexico for over 70 years through undemocratic elections has returned to power. Very much like the “democratic” regimes in the Middle East, Mexico has never really known democracy. Whether it is the American government “preferring” certain candidates, irregularities in elections, or the plain and simple effects of poverty and ec … [Read more...]