Friday Links | September 26, 2014

The annual cotton harvest is on its way in Uzbekistan. Officials have ordered people of all ages and backgrounds, pensioners and children included, to contribute to the harvest. Image by Elena Urlaeva/ RFE/RL

Another week, and more news on women and ISIS. In Iraq, ISIS has publicly executed women's rights activist Samira Salih al Nuiami, after a "court ruling" which found she was an apostate. Mariam Al Mansouria, UAE's first female pilot, has led air strikes against ISIS in Syria. One Syrian woman has filmed footage of life under ISIS rule in Raqqa, Syria. Strict rules imposed by ISIS in Mosul, Iraq have made it impossible for one young man to contact his fiancée. And while British Muslim women take a … [Read more...]

Friday Links | September 19, 2014

A Kashmiri girl arrives at a free medical camp for displaced people, after the worst flood in the region in a century. Image by Adnan Abidi/Reuters

Much of the news involving Muslim women last week was focused on the female involvement in the current wars in Iraq and Syria. The Guardian featured an item on ISIS targeting the predominantly Somali community in the US heartland for female recruitment. Another article focuses on the social media presence of female ISIS supporters. Meanwhile, it has been reported that one of the two Austrian girls, who left to Syria to join the rebels, has been killed. One French Algerian family shares the story … [Read more...]

Friday Links | September 12, 2014

Women playing volleyball inside an Afghan prison for women in Herat. The prison was built in cooperation with an Italian NGO and offers skills training to prepare women for a life outside prison. Image by Aref Karimi/AFP/Getty Images

News that Scottish student Aqsa Mahmood has joined ISIS in Syria shocked many, but she isn't the only woman to do so. The Guardian features an article on the reasons why young women choose to go to Syria and what kind of life they are living there.Human Rights Watch reports that African Union peacekeepers in Somalia have sexually abused and exploited vulnerable Somali women and girls on two bases in the capital Mogadishu. Somalia has said that it will investigate the charges. Sare Davutoglu … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 25, 2014

Yonghua Zheng (centre) is one of the female imams in China's Hui community. In this picture she poses with her in-laws, before leaving to the mosque to lead prayers. Image by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

The attack on Gaza continues; among the hundreds of victims and wounded are many women and children. Asmaa el-Helou initially survived the attack on her home, but succumbed to her severe injuries later this week. Her father, mother, brothers and sisters had already died from the attack. One reporter shares her experience being around women in Gaza, and seems surprised that they are "so kind."Domestic violence remains a widespread problem in Turkey, but the conservative, patriarchal … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 18, 2014

Iranian models

July 11 was World Population Day, and for this occasion IPS featured an article on early marriage and teen pregnancy in Pakistan. Meanwhile rights activists in Pakistan are fighting a losing battle to end child marriages, which affects both girls and boys.The BBC speaks to several female Kurdish fighters, who are taking on ISIS in Iraq.The ongoing conflicts in the Middle East are the cause of much suffering among women in the region.According to UNICEF, child marriages among Syrian … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 11, 2014

A woman votes in Indonesia's presidential election on July 9. This election has been the tightest and most divisive presidential election since the fall of dictator Suharto. Image by Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images

As Israel continues its offensive on Gaza, the death toll is rising fast; many of them are women and children.Nigeria's military has released the news that it has arrested several female Boko Haram recruiters. As well, about 60 women escaped their presumed Boko Haram captors earlier this week. The escaped women were captured mid-June of this year; the hundreds of girls captured in April remain missing.The UNHCR has published a report on Syria's refugee women titled Woman Alone: The Fight … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 4, 2014

afghan madrasah

Human Rights Watch has issued a report on how the war in Syria has affected women.Several human rights organisations accuse Egypt of allowing (sexual) abuse and torture to be used against its female prisoners, despite the promise to fight sexual harassment. Recently, Egypt adopted a new law that makes sexual harassment punishable by law, but during the month of Ramadan it is somehow seen as offensive to address the issue of sexual harassment.More than half of the Islamophobic attacks in … [Read more...]