Friday Links | January 31, 2014

Two Palestinian brides sit on stage during a mass wedding in Jericho, West Bank where approx. 220 couples got married. Another 80 couples were married in Gaza; the ceremony was paid for by the Palestinian Presidential Office. Image by Ammar Awad/Reuters

Last week the current Syrian regime announced during the peace negotiations that women and children are free to leave the city of Homs and said it would provide all the necessities, so they would not need for anything. One woman relates her horrifying experiences in Homs, before she fled the city last year. The first round of peace talks are scheduled to end today/Friday, but haven't really lead to any substantive results yet. Despite their demand to be included, women are largely absent from … [Read more...]

Friday Links | January 24, 2014

The Indonesian sitting volleyball team serves during the finals of Asean Para-Games in Burma/Myanmar, where nearly 2,000 athletes from 10 nations competed in 12 sports. Image by Philip Heijmans/Al Jazeera

Russian authorities are hunting for potential female suicide bombers in and around Sochi; security forces say that they have killed potential "black widow" Zaira Alieva during an operation on Saturday, which left seven dead. The Olympic Games are scheduled to start on February 7. It is estimated that one in nine Pakistani women will have breast cancer during her lifetime, but conservative values and cultural taboos make fighting the disease extremely challenging. The Burma/Myanmar … [Read more...]

Friday Links | January 17, 2014

This image of a Tuareg woman is part of a series of pictures featured by Al Jazeera, which chronicles the lives of current day Tuaregs in their desert homeland in northern Niger and Mali. Image by May Welsh/Al Jazeera

Human Rights Watch has spoken out about the discriminatory rules imposed on women by certain Syrian armed opposition groups. After young Australian couple had been killed in Syria earlier this week, many stories have been coming up about Amira Karroum, the woman involved, stressing her "recent" shift to a more "radical" Islam and her alleged verbal abuse of the neighbours. Syrian women have requested a large role during the peace negotiations expected to start next week. The BBC … [Read more...]

Friday Links | January 10, 2014

Saima Chalkoo teaches primary school children in the open air close to the border in Indian-administrated Kashmir. Image by Abid Bhat/BBC

Thousands of people, predominantly women and children, in the Central African Republic are fleeing the violence to seek refuge in Chad, a country many of them have never been to, but are believed to have originated from. On Sunday a young Afghan girl wearing a suicide vest was detained in Afghanistan, as she tried to carry out an attack on the border police. The girl stated during the investigation that she was forced to wear the vest by her brother, a Taliban commander. The Taliban, however, … [Read more...]

Friday Links | January 3, 2014

Several thousand people are still living in ill-equipped camps around the northern Indian town of Muzaffarnagar after Muslim-Hindu riots killed an estimated 65 people in September. Khurshida has been living in a camp since, and says that during her stay in a camp her seven-year-old son Anas Younis died of cold and fever. Image by Aarabu Ahmad Sultan/BBC

An attack by a female suicide bomber in Volgograd, Russia has left 16 dead and many more injured. Several sources have identified the woman as Turkmenistan national Oksana Aslanova. A newly issued fatwa in Kashmir allows women with husbands missing for over four years to remarry, though many so-called half widows indicate that this is not their priority. Afghan authorities have annulled a marriage for money, involving a 7-year-old girl; the father of the girl is said to be a drug addict … [Read more...]

Friday Links | December 27, 2013

A Kashmiri woman prepares kehwa, saffron tea. Kashmir is known for high-quality saffron, the world's most expensive spice. Image by Abid Bhat/BBC.

In Iraq, much of the sex trade has now shifted to social media, where female pimps are offering prostitution services all over the country. Egyptian campaigners against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) say that the number of cases of female circumcision/cutting in Egypt is on the decline, but completely rooting out this age old tradition will take a lot of persistence and time. Domestic abuse is on the rise in Afghanistan; high unemployment rates, rampant drug abuse and impunity are all … [Read more...]

Friday Links | December 20, 2013

Syrian refugee women performed the play "The Syria Trojan Women" last week in Amman, Jordan. Image by Muhammad Hamed/Reuters

The news that some Muslim organisations in British universities organise gender-segregated events, where women are at times not even allowed to speak up, has sparked outrage in the UK. Al Jazeera features the story of a "forgotten" 12-year-old rape survivor in India, who 16 months after she was gang-raped in her village in Rajastan, has undergone 19 surgeries in attempt to restore her injuries. Internally displaced women in Darfur, Sudan camps experience violence daily, a Darfur camp … [Read more...]