Interview with Comedian Eman El Husseini

Guest contributor Stéphanie Renée Roy (@LGD_Stephy) interviews Eman El Husseini.  It was 2 years ago that I first saw Eman El Husseini’s stand-up comedy. I was then a fairly new convert and Eman impressed me when she spoke so honestly about Canadian experience as a Palestinian Muslim.She began professional comedy in 2006 because she loved making people laugh - but her journey hasn’t all been about laughter.El Husseini has spoken openly of the racism she has witnessed, especia … [Read more...]

14 Things Your Muslim Wife *Really* Won’t Tell You (Snark Edition)

The guest post was lovingly created by a think tank of trying-to-be Ideal Muslimahs with an eye for issues of concern to Muslim women, such as sexuality, polygamy, reality, and other such dangerous ideas.Muslim Village offers (somewhat bewildering) advice about what Muslim men won’t tell their wives, and a brother (erroneously) speaking on behalf of sisters over at Muslim Marriage Guide has explained what Muslim wives won’t tell their husbands. While attempting to memorize by heart this adv … [Read more...]

Talking to White People (According to “Mike”)

A parody of Sex With Egyptian Women (According to “Mike”).  Hat tip to Sara Salem for her more straightforward takedown of the same article.Sometime ago I was twiddling my thumbs, waiting for a cab, in Luxor. As the wind pushed against me, I was reminded that I had missed lunch. I needed to eat something. Anything. My stomach cried out for a spoonful of koshary much in the same way those cute little beggar kids do. As I was trying to reassure my gastronomical desires that food was minutes awa … [Read more...]

This is why you’re single, Muslim ladies

Listen Muslim ladies, it’s the slow-jam Imam --- and it’s time that we have a heart-to-heart.[Obligatory soundtrack]If you’re wondering why you haven’t had any success at masjid mixers, or you’re cursing that seemingly wasted subscription at Naseeb, I’ve got some answers for you. Chances are that you fall into one of these categories of ladies unfit for a Muslim gentleman (thanks to my friends at Muslim Spice for bringing this important matter up):You’re using social media: It might b … [Read more...]