Quantico’s Bait and Switch

This post was written by guest contributor, Fatin Marini (@FatinMarini1)When my blog, “Has Quantico got positive Muslim female roles covered?” was published, the response was overwhelmingly positive. For some who hadn’t seen the show yet, the positive portrayal of a Muslim woman as an FBI agent intrigued them enough that they were excited to give it a try. For those who were already viewers, my post validated their love of the show – so far.. But then came the question: “have you seen the lat … [Read more...]

Has Quantico got positive female Muslim roles covered?

This post is written by Guest Contributor Fatin Marini (@FatinMarini1)As of this writing, the author has watched up until episode 5. We will have a follow up post soon!  When I first heard about ABC’s Quantico, I rolled my eyes. A show about FBI recruits, one of which was a Muslim hijabi woman, with an Indian leading lady and a terrorist attack? I knew where this was heading. It was going to be Homeland all over again. And I didn’t need to spend my evenings on that. … [Read more...]

When Invisibility is a Superpower: Farah Nazan in Heroes Reborn

This post was written by guest contributor Heba Elsherief (@iamsheba). “Full stories are as rare as honesty.” ― Zadie Smith, White TeethWhen, in a recent episode of NBC’s Heroes Reborn, a prayer mat appears atop an expansive and pristine Arctic landscape, my pulse quickened. A woman could be seen completing the prayer, Dhuhr or Asr if one considers the brightness of the day, and because the TV medium (indeed, like many narrative forms) encourages audiences to give into the “suspensio … [Read more...]

Are we Truly Breaking Stereotypes about Muslim Women?

What does it mean to ‘break’ a stereotype? Does it mean acting contrary to what society expects? Does it mean to be the first to do something? Does it mean to do something actually ground-breaking? Or does it mean to abide by what some else thinks is news worthy?A few weeks ago Al-Jazeera’s The Stream, a discussion program, featured an episode called “Muslim women breaking stereotypes.” The purpose of the show was to highlight the ways in which Muslim women are “challenging stereotypes.” Give … [Read more...]

Is Islamophobia Real?

A few weeks ago, I was meeting a friend of a friend for the first time. Now usually, my name gets transformed into Tamsin, or Tasmeem, or Tasmeen (the last two have quite unfortunate meanings in Arabic). In this case, the person I was introducing myself to said “Oh, like that creepy ISI woman.” I wasn’t sure what this referred to. Cue explanation that there was a character named Tasneem on season four of the TV show Homeland, a creepy ISI woman who was in league with the Taliban.Although Home … [Read more...]

American Crime Series Recapped

In this post, Azra concludes her series of reviews of American Crime.  Read her earlier reviews here.Spoilers ahead—you’ve been warned!Last week, American Crime concluded on ABC. I hadn’t reviewed the past several shows, as Aliyah’s time on screen became more and more limited with the show focusing on some of the other character’s concerns. She was able to work with her brother Carter’s attorney to have his case thrown out of court, in conjunction with Carter’s girlfriend, Aubry, confessi … [Read more...]

Defensiveness in the Time of Da’esh

One of the events at the All About Women program held at Sydney Opera House this year was entitled “Conversations with Muslim Women.” Featuring two Australian Muslim women, Randa Abdel-Fattah and Susan Carland, the event was advertised as a conversation with, rather than about, Muslim women. So the three women on stage have an engaging discussion, by turns funny and poignant, about the dilemmas of being a Muslim woman in Australia, from facing discrimination, to negative perspections of Islam, t … [Read more...]