How Do Muslim Girls Fare in U.S. Kids’ Programming?


My toddler cousins, like all children their age, were born into a world of rattles, Legos, diapers, and TV. Now more than ever, kids programming is a dominant and formative force in young children’s lives. The average preschooler spend 32 hours a week latched onto the TV screen, and by high school graduation has clocked more hours watching TV than at school. Studies have already shown us that the way kids’ TV treats race and gender affects how kids see their identities, and that kids need to see … [Read more...]

In conversation with Pakistani Actress Saeeda Imtiaz


Movie stars have always fascinated me. We follow their dressing sense, emulate them, secretly envy them and even the most polite among us feel obliged to pass snide remarks on them as if they belong to each one of us.In this email interview, Pakistani actress Saeeda Imtiaz, who portrays the role of Jemima Khan in the upcoming movie Kaptaan, gets candid about her career aspirations and what it’s like for a newcomer in the Pakistan film industry.1. What attracted you to acting, other t … [Read more...]

Hide Your Children, Hide Your Family, Hide Your Mother


This post was written by guest contributor Nur Laura Caskey. Ricki Lake. Jerry Springer. Judge Judy gone horribly wrong. In his lectures on how Europeans came to determine which things would be considered "abnormal," Michel Foucault says "expert psychiatric opinion allows the offense, as defined by the law, to be doubled with a whole series of other things that are not the offense itself but a series of forms of conduct, of ways of being that are. . .presented in the discourse of the … [Read more...]

Strictly Soulmates: The Trials and Tribulations of British Muslim ‘Singletons’

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This post was written by guest contributor Maria Salman.Marriage: The one word on the tip of the tongue for many young Muslims. The difficulties in searching for the elusive One experienced by the Muslim diaspora is a phenomenon that is well documented. Google the phrase “Muslim marriage crisis,” and a substantial number of hits comes up – especially about the dearth of eligible Muslim bachelors and the struggles of over-30 professional Muslim women in finding a suitable mate who is on par wi … [Read more...]

Tabloid Dawah, Make Me A Muslim!

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When I think of Britain, I don't think of a society so "rife" with promiscuity and drunkenness that its very moral fibre is in need of repair. Call me naive, but I usually imagine red telephone boxes, Mister Darcy, imperialism, fish & chips, curry houses, and Doctor Who. But according to a mini-series from 2007 called "Make Me a Muslim," Britain is so horribly off track with naked women in the streets and hooligans living hedonistic lifestyles, that things are going to get much worse unless s … [Read more...]

Pakistan: A Country of One Color?

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 This post was written by guest contributor Emaan Majed. On my grandmother’s dresser, there is a pink tube of cleverly marketed whitening cream. She applies it daily, despite being quite pale, despite claiming to hate the colonizers from whom it stems, despite being a health-freak and knowing that it contains hints of mercury. My grandmother is not unlike many Pakistani women in this aspect. My progressive, liberal, ‘I have never done a racist thing in my life’ aunts each own a bottle. Th … [Read more...]

When Will the Revolutions in Syria and Egypt Come to TV Dramas?

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For many of us, television drama can be an enriching part of our living experience, defining many of our day-to-day conversations with family members, co-workers and social network friends.  But what happens if drama series go too far in fantasizing about our life situations by presenting us with unreal representations of events, issues and personalities that we find hard to identify with?During this past Ramadan, I found two different soap operas tackling stories of Arab women from … [Read more...]