Friday Links | December 21, 2012

This picture with the title Unfaithful Kiss has been chosen as the picture to launch the Naples' student calendar for 2013. The picture is supposed to portray an Israeli and a Palestinian woman. The calender is called Onerace. Image via

This week was the second anniversary of the Arab Spring. Several articles were dedicated to the relationship between women and the Arab Spring movement. One article by the BBC focuses on the fact that women still are waiting for their benefits from the revolution and an article by WeNews mentions the increasing conservative Islamist influence in post-revolutionary countries.Last Tuesday 6 polio vaccination volunteers were killed in Pakistan, 5 of whom were female. On Wednesday another female … [Read more...]

Friday Links | November 16, 2012

A Rohingya woman, displaced by recent violence in Kyukphyu township, Burma/Myanmar, cries after arriving at the Thaechaung refugee camp outside of Sittwe. Image by REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

After the parents of 6-year-old Bibi Roza in Pakistan's Swat valley protested against the decision of local elders to marry her off in order to end a feud, a local court found the decision by the elders to be illegal, and since then five arrests have been made.As long as victims of domestic violence are not believed and systematically mistreated, Turkey's high profile project to combat domestic violence is doomed to be a failure, activists say.A conservative Muslim cleric in Egypt seeks … [Read more...]

Muslimah Paralympians

Nurulasyiqah Taha.

For an extra treat this week, we have a second new writer to introduce!  You might recognise Sya from her past MMW guest posts on Ramadan in Singapore and on the Save Maryam campaign, and we are happy to welcome her as a more regular contributor to MMW.Last week I was in London, moonlighting as a cheerleader. My sister, Nurulasyiqah, represented Singapore in boccia for the first time ever, and I was absolutely excited to see her play in the Paralympics.In between matches, a friend rem … [Read more...]

Friday Links | August 31, 2012

A woman pleads with police men during the protests after the killing of a radical Muslim cleric in Mombasa, Kenya. Image by Stringen/Reuters

Alaa Morely, the Syrian woman who stated in an interview on Syrian television in June this year that she had fabricated news reports for Al-Jazeera, has fled to Turkey, where she tells about her forced confession.A New Zealand museum will ban men from watching a documentary featuring unveiled Muslim women, as per request of the film maker, Qatari Sophia Al-Maria. This restriction has led to several complaints and some claim it is discriminatory towards men.According to a statement by H … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 20, 2012

Last week, Hanifa Safi, an Afghan Women's Affairs official was killed by a car bomb. While she is not the first female Afghan official to be killed, the Afghan government has not done much to prevent these murders, or to bring those responsible to justice. In the same week, a young Afghan girls, Tamana, was killed, which proves, once again, that violence against women is on the rise in Afghanistan.When Najat Vallaud-Belkacem became the French minister of women's rights, Muslims, and in pa … [Read more...]

Ramadan Karim!

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Ramadan Karim to all our readers, we'd like to wish you all a happy blessed month. And a reminder - starting next week will be our series on Ramadan experiences from different parts of the world! … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 13, 2012

On July 11, World Population Day, an international conference on Family Planning was held in London, which has resulted in a relatively large number of related articles in the news. Quite some articles covered the north-south divide in maternal health in Nigeria. The predominantly Muslim north is poorer and the topic of contraception is still very sensitive there; in the northern state of Jigawa only 1% of the families uses contraception, and many mothers still die due to child birth related com … [Read more...]