Friday Links | July 6, 2012

Six women from Gaza have appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court to grant them permission to pray at the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. While Christian women from Gaza have been allowed to visit religious sites in Israel, Muslim women are generally denied to enter Israel for this reason.Last Sunday voters in Senegal hit the polls, it is for the first time that the 2010 gender balance law comes into action, which ensures a larger participation of women in the government.Approx. 60% of Emirati … [Read more...]

Friday Links | May 18, 2012

Twenty years after the war in Bosnia, there are still refugees living in makeshift camps that lack basic necessities, such as running water. Many of the refugees are elderly women, who are often widowed because of the war, and have nowhere else to go.A Filipino newspaper published a picture last week of a woman in "burqa" shaking hands with the president of the island nation. The caption read: "Security Risk?" The newspaper has since apologised for this rather insensitive c … [Read more...]

Friday Links | May 4, 2012

Chechnya's president has openly spoken out in support of honour killings, which leaves Chechen women in fear. Chechnya's president is known for wanting to make Chechnya "more Islamic than the Islamists."The Rohingyas are a Muslim ethnic group in Burma/Myanmar, and many of them have fled the country to neighbouring Bangladesh, where they often live in extreme poverty and desperate conditions. IRIN features an interview with Jaheda Begum, a female refugee who daily worries about feeding her … [Read more...]

Some Issues with Foreign Policy’s Sex Issue: Part Two (MMW Responds)

Foreign Policy

The recent Foreign Policy issue focused on sex drew a number of responses around the internet.  Earlier today, we posted a round-up of some of the other blog posts and articles that were written about the issue; here, Sharrae, Azra, Tasnim, Nicole and I discuss our many thoughts on the issue as a whole and on Mona Eltahawy’s article. … [Read more...]

Friday Links | February 17, 2012

Drug abuse among young women and girls in Kashmir is on the rise, but there actually is no addiction treatment program in the Valley that will actually admit female drug users. They are left on their own, often not returning to the consultations that are available to them.Two days before the one-year anniversary of the protests in Bahrain, activist Zainab al Khawaja was arrested once again. Al Akhbar managed to interview her on this year of protests and her own personal struggles.Even … [Read more...]

Friday Links | January 13, 2012

The excessive use of tear gas during protests in Bahrain endangers women protesters in particular. Many miscarriages and spontaneous abortions have been linked to this dangerous gas.At Uganda's Makerere University a student has been denied access to an exam with her hijab, as she was deemed not be 'legally dressed' to sit an exam. It was not the first time and there is not even a formal dress code at the university.In northwestern Pakistan it is now illegal for parents not to extend pr … [Read more...]

Friday Links | January 6, 2012

We didn't have our usual links last week, so this week's list is extra long, and covers both weeks.  Enjoy!Pakistan has passed the "Prevention of Anti-Women Practices" bill, but the fight is far from over, according to activists and legal professionals. The Deutsche Welle features an interview with female politician Sitara Ayaz, who highlights some of the problems that Pakistani women and girls are facing.A Muslim woman from Georgia, USA, was shot dead by police, after she attacked an … [Read more...]