This is why you’re single, Muslim ladies

Listen Muslim ladies, it’s the slow-jam Imam --- and it’s time that we have a heart-to-heart. [Obligatory soundtrack] If you’re wondering why you haven’t had any success at masjid mixers, or you’re cursing that seemingly wasted subscription at Naseeb, I’ve got some answers for you. Chances are that you fall into one of these categories of ladies unfit for a Muslim gentleman (thanks to my friends at Muslim Spice for bringing this important matter up): You’re using social … [Read more...]

Maryam Talks Back

Image via Facebook user Harry Martawijaya.

This post was written by guest contributor Sya. At the beginning of Ramadan this year, a KONY2012-like video started making rounds on social media. It gave a twist to the white saviour trope with a dash of neo-colonial religio-cultural imperialism and condescension. I’m referring to #SaveMaryam, an initiative from Mercy Mission Worldwide to raise awareness about Muslims converting to Christianity in Indonesia. In the campaign video, Maryam is a 16 year-old Indonesian who converts to … [Read more...]

Metaverse Muslim: Playing out our Mongrel Selves

Image from

In exploring the intersection of digital life and Islam over the last couple of years I’ve come across a number of projects and articles examining Muslims and the metaverse, from virtual hajj tours and Islamic sacred spaces in Second Life to academic articles on the concept of “e-hijab,” which the author describes as Muslim women whose avatars wear the e-hijab as a clear visual manifestation of religious identity. I was reminded of the idea of e-hijab in looking at images posted by … [Read more...]

The “Muslim Kristallnacht” and a Swiss Twittergate

Alexander Muller

One of the more colorful Muslim figures in Switzerland making the media rounds the past few months is Aziz Osmanoglu of Basel, who was recently on trial for hate speech charges.  The court case was based on Osmanoglu’s statements made to a Swiss TV show, which essentially added up to saying that it was “Sharia-compliant” to beat a recalcitrant wife if she refused to have sex. Specifically, he said, “A man needs sex. That is why he can, as a last resort, beat his wife if she refuses. If … [Read more...]

#UAEDressCode: A Tool for Judgement, or Education?

Sign requesting people to wear "respectful clothing."  Image via

A few years back, when shopping malls turned into major destination for shoppers and tourists in the United Arab Emirates, the issue of how men and women appear in public began to gain greater attention. Mall entrances have come to carry signs and instructions relating not only to pets, trash, bicycles and skaters, but dress codes as well.  In a cosmopolitan society, the idea of modesty does not have a clear definition; it just refers to wearing clothes that do not resemble wearing a swimming … [Read more...]

TEDxMogadishu: A Talk by Ilwad Elman

Ilwad Elman - TEDxMogadishu

Last week, Samya covered the TEDxMogadishu talks for MMW.  As Samya wrote, "TEDx Mogadishu is not just a meeting of creative minds to gather and share their views on the welfare of the people in Somalia; it is also an opportunity for outsiders to change their perceptions about developments in that country, especially as they relate to women and children." A first TEDxMogadishu talk has been edited and posted online.  The talk, by Ilwad Elman, is entitled "In Memory of My Father, I … [Read more...]

What Men Want

“Love  Marriage and Fairytales” is a somewhat misleading title to a popular Muslim Youtube video, trending in various social media circles, having gone “Muslim-viral,” as my fellow MMW contributor Sana Saeed calls it.  This video (according to information discerned from the Youtube account) is an attempt to highlight the most frequent and problematic issues facing marriages today while also pointing towards Allah as the ultimate healer, redeemer and restorer of every marriage.   … [Read more...]