Muslims are Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence…But is Anybody Listening?

In February 2009, Aasiya Hassan, co-founder of Bridges TV, was murdered by her husband.  Thanks to a groundswell of community organizing in remembrance of her life, Ms. Hassan’s story continues to be told a year after her death.Domestic violence is one of the last taboos in the American Muslim community.  Too often shrouded in silence within the community because for many domestic violence is tantamount to "airing dirty laundry," outside the community, domestic violence committed by Muslims is … [Read more...]

In Memory of Sister Aasiya Zubair: Nine Things You Can Do

Abdul Malik Mujahid, a prominent imam and community activist in the Chicago area, has written a 9-point plan for ordinary muslims (based on a khutbah he will deliver today) to take concrete steps against domestic violence. I am reprinting the document in its entirety with permission:1. Organize "In Memory of Aasiya: Domestic Violence Awareness Day."Get together a couple of Imams, leaders, mosques and Islamic centers in your city and organize a city-wide "In Memory of Aasiya: Domestic … [Read more...]

Domestic Violence Awareness Events in February

One year ago, Aasiya Zubair Hassan was brutally murdered by her husband. Since then, Muslim communities around the United States have been working to eradicate domestic violence and striving to remember Aasiya and others like her.Below is a list of events on domestic violence taking place in the United States in the month of February. This list was put together by the team at AltMuslimah. If you have additional• Hadayai Majeed, of Baitul Salaam Network Inc, has organized a global initiative c … [Read more...]

MMW Roundtable on the Murder of Aasiya Hassan

Salam waleykum, readers. Last week, we brought you daily updates on the Muslim community's response to Aasiya Hassan's murder.This week, we're bringing you our own thoughts on the coverage surrounding the case.Media coverage around Aasiya Hassan's murder has been slow but steady in its speculation. Much of it has been Islamophobic, throwing around sound bytes from unqualified spokespeople (looking in Brigitte Gabriel's direction), making assumptions about Islamic law, and generalizing about … [Read more...]

A Collection of Statements Concerning the Murder of Aasiya Hassan — Updated 3.3.09

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