RIS Knowledge Retreat, Gender, and Feminism

Yesterday, we posted Sharrae’s analysis of gender issues at the 2011 Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention.  Although I wasn’t able to attend the Convention, I did make it to the Knowledge Retreat, a six-day series of classes with several of the RIS scholars.  There is much to say about the Retreat, but one moment in particular deserved attention.  (Please read through the whole post, as the ending of this is the most important.)On December 29, Dr. Abdal Hakim Jackson spoke about gender … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Inclusion of Sisters at RIS: Part Two

See Part One here.Oh it did NOT just go there...My blood began to rise during the lecture of Dr. Abdal Hakim Jackson within the session, "Changing the Present, Dreaming the Future." Mid-way during his lecture, Dr. Jackson beseeched us sisters to "calm down for the next 30 seconds." He then asked the audience what was common between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton and other politicians whose careers were compromised due to their extramarital relations. Dr. Jackson then proceeded to e … [Read more...]