The Snore Heard ‘Round the World

A few days ago, my Facebook newsfeed was awash with people sharing articles about a new billboard that just went up in Los Angeles. It depicts a male American soldier embracing a woman wearing a niqab. The billboard is for a product called SnoreStop, and it also displays the hashtag #betogether.


Despite the buzz, the ad doesn’t catalyze brand recognition for me. Thus, I suppose in my case, the purpose of the ad is defeated. I can tell you that the ad has to do with snoring, but I have to keep going back to articles about the ad to find the brand name. StopSnore? SnoreAway? It just doesn’t click for me.

But the ad certainly got publicity. The Huffington Post covered it. Fox News covered it. (By the way, there are several different primers out there—like here and here—that detail some of the types of coverings that Muslim women might choose to wear, to which news writers may refer when needed. Not everything a Muslim woman wears is a “burka.” Although I realize that Fox News is likely the last media outlet to concern itself with such technicalities.) Local news stations covered it. And CAIR hailed the ad as a positive step toward integrating images of Muslims into mainstream media, calling it “a worthy image.” [Read more...]