A Reporter’s Headscarf is Not An Insult

The father and brother of Aqsa Parvez, a Muslim Canadian teenager who was killed in December 2007, recently confessed to murdering her and were sentenced to life in prison.  Canadian media outlets covered this news widely.  At the Toronto Star, one of the reporters writing about the case was Noor Javed, who co-wrote one detailed overview of the case (trigger warning: this article includes detailed descriptions of violence and murder) and also authored another article about whether Parvez's mur … [Read more...]

A Satiric Guide to Writing About Muslims

Muslimah Media Watch thanks Faisal Kutty for the tip.This was written by both Krista and Sobia.Before we start, we want to take a minute to remember and honour Aqsa Parvez as a person and not just as a topic of debate. A lot of the writing about her - whether by people who use her story to fuel Islamophobia, or people who are trying to stand up against the resulting misrepresentation of Muslims - ends up overlooking the fact that this is a real person that we're talking about. While … [Read more...]

How Tarek Fatah got it wrong on both “honor” killing and domestic violence

Recently, there has been much discussion in the media over the use of the term "honor killing". Is the term racist? Does it implicate Islam for killings that are not religiously sanctioned? Are "honor killings" really domestic violence that is no different from domestic violence that occurs in every society?The National Post published a feature this past weekend that looks at these questions. The story itself was balanced, getting a variety of viewpoints and presenting the issue in a … [Read more...]

How to Use a Murder Victim: The Exploitation of the Aqsa Parvez Tragedy

A recent Toronto Life magazine article regarding Toronto teenager Aqsa Parvez's murder, entitled Girl, Interrupted, has sparked outrage in many circles in Toronto and beyond. And for very good reason. Journalist Mary Rogan has simply perpetuated stereotypes about Muslims, South Asian culture, and immigrant communities.The disrespectful treatment begins with the front cover, where you see a full page picture of Aqsa's face, posing seductively with only a hint of a strap on her bare shoulder. … [Read more...]