Is Pakistan Really Neverland?: Malala, the Perpetual Child Activist

Editor’s note: Malala Yousafzai has been extensively covered in media lately, and several MMW writers wanted to weigh in on the way she is being portrayed. Yesterday, Amina wrote about portrayals of Malala as an exception, and today Nicole Hunter Mostafa looks at the focus on Malala being a child.  Stay tuned for a final Malala post by Eren later this week.Are you tired of hearing about Malala Yousafzai yet? If you type “Malala is” into Google (at least, here in Saudi Arabia), the first three … [Read more...]

Book Review – Obama and the Middle East: The End of America’s Moment?

In Obama and the Middle East: The End of American’s Moment?, a new book by one of the foremost scholars on Middle East politics, Fawaz A. Gerges looks at America's progress (or lack thereof) in the Middle East.  Paying special attention to President Obama's policies in the region, Gerges argues that the United States is losing influence in the Middle East and that President Obama's strategy for the region merely resembles those of past administrations.  Rising world multipolarity and the rev … [Read more...]