Strictly Soulmates: The Trials and Tribulations of British Muslim ‘Singletons’

This post was written by guest contributor Maria Salman.Marriage: The one word on the tip of the tongue for many young Muslims. The difficulties in searching for the elusive One experienced by the Muslim diaspora is a phenomenon that is well documented. Google the phrase “Muslim marriage crisis,” and a substantial number of hits comes up – especially about the dearth of eligible Muslim bachelors and the struggles of over-30 professional Muslim women in finding a suitable mate who is on par wi … [Read more...]

Score One for the BBC!

A couple of weeks of ago, the BBC featured a story on Kurdish women football teams. Two weeks later, the story is still on the front page of the Middle East section of the BBC News's website. I kept flirting with the whether or not to cover the story, but since it covers two issues that get little coverage in the same story--Muslimahs and sports--I decided it was worth looking at. The story itself had positive and negative points. By the time I finished reading it, I felt that someone at the BBC … [Read more...]

The Hole Story: Sexual Abuse in a “Strict Muslim” Household

"Sexual Abuse in Islamic Society" is the title of a recently published BBC article.* Right away, I knew it wasn't going to be a good story (and by "good", I mean objective, balanced, etc.). "Islamic society," says the title, not an Islamic society, whatever that is. There is so much wrong with this BBC story and it's upsetting on so many levels, it's hard to know where to start.Here's the story: Fatima, who is 26, was raised in a "strict Islamic family" in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Her stepfather … [Read more...]

Hard Times in Gaza: the BBC looks at Domestic Violence in Gaza Strip

Krista recently did an analysis of a BBC profile of Egyptian women's participation in mosques and saw the BBC profile as an example of how to cover Muslim women. The BBC has done another profile, this time of Gazan women dealing with domestic violence. I think the BBC has once again demonstrated how to cover Muslim women.With the exception of a few ethnocentric flubs, like telling us the women are in headscarves (uh, we could tell from the pictures) or saying that in eastern societies there … [Read more...]

News We Can Use: the BBC’s Look at Gender and Class in Egyptian Mosques

A recent BBC News article has provided an astonishing suggestion that, far from being the monolithic oppressed group that many readers of mainstream Western media have come to expect, Muslim women can come from a wide range of possible experiences and backgrounds.  Who knew?Journalist Christopher Landau begins his article by telling us, The role that women play in mosques varies substantially around the Muslim world. Visits to two mosques in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, show just how different … [Read more...]

From the Outside Looking In: What Does Not Need Reporting

* Asian and South Asian will be used interchangeably to refer to those of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc., origin.Earlier this month, BBC News ran two stories online on young Asian (read South Asian in North America) women, and both stories exposed our dirty laundry. Or at least that was the way they seemed. The first headline read More Asian women 'use hard drugs', and the second More Asian women having abortions. In one month we find out that South Asian women, many of whom are Muslims, … [Read more...]

Single Moroccan Female: Single Mothers in Morocco

Single Muslim mothers must be the new "it" topic for the Western media. There has been a lot of coverage of Rachida Dati, the French minister of Moroccan and Algerian heritage, who just recently had a baby while still being single. Now, the BBC has done a piece on single mothers in Morocco. The story looks at the struggles that single mother face in Morocco and also looks at the efforts of a group called Feminine Solidarity Association that seeks to assist single mothers.Honestly, I liked this … [Read more...]