Kariman Hamzah: Giving us a Woman’s Interpretation of the Qur’an

In this past week's Friday links, Fatemeh mentioned that Al-Azhar University had for the first time approved a tafsir (interpretation) of the Qur'an written by a woman, Kariman Hamzah. The BBC story on this event left a lot to be desired. The first thing that was seriously wrong was the headline "Egypt clerics back woman's Koran". The headline is so deceptive and wrong. Hamzah did not produce her own version of the Qur'an. Another thing wrong with the headline is that it took Hamzah out of the … [Read more...]

Iran unveils new car for women

As soon as I saw the headline, I have to admit I was thinking "huh?" and "what!" I'm not too keen on products geared towards women because usually these products rely heavily on stereotypes. Unfortunately, this new feminine car does just that.It's suppose to come out in a range of "feminine colors" and "interior designs" because we are just so keen on how our car looks. I guess those guys in my neighborhood who spend thousands of dollars on rims and getting their car waxed didn't get the memo … [Read more...]

The Struggle to Wear Hijab on Egyptian TV

Ghada El-Tawil (pictured below) is an Egyptian anchorwoman who just recently returned to television. Six years ago, she was pulled from television after she began wearing a headscarf. The BBC has published a new story about El-Tawil in which she discusses her legal battle, why she wears hijab, and the struggles for Egyptian hijabis in the media. El-Tawil is not the only woman in Egypt who was pulled off the air after deciding to wear hijab. Her story highlights issues of image in the media--even … [Read more...]