Wall of Shame: Ramadan Television in Egypt

Now that Ramadan is over, I can get it out of my mind and scream hard on how women were portrayed in the Egyptian TV throughout the whole month.Women are seen as sex objects: there’s no better way to put it than this cliché; it is as simple, as shallow, and as degrading as it has always been. One would think that the so-called Arab Spring would make some difference, after people had watched women side-by-side with men, playing their crucial role in all the battles since the first day of the r … [Read more...]

A Girl’s Personality is the Last Thing You Notice…

And that, dear readers, is the slogan being used to sell a non-alcoholic beer to Egyptians in a nation-wide campaign.Birell is produced by Al-Ahram Beverages, and is Egypt's top-selling non-Alcoholic beer, owning 98% of the malt beverages market. The website describes it as "a sparkling malt beverage […] with a strong bitter malt taste, little foam and carbonation, [a] consistent thick body and [a] strong shiny gold color." In short, it's as close to beer as you can get. Its brand personality r … [Read more...]