Running for Boston in Jakarta

The weeks following the Boston bombing have been filled with media reports with all-too-familiar suspicion of Islam and --as Nicole explored in a recent post-- hijab-wearing Muslim women.However, both local and international media largely missed an act of activism from my part of the world that had taken place even before Ann Coulter appeared on TV with her infamous “ought to be in prison for wearing the hijab” comment.A friend of mine, Indonesian blogger Ninit Yunita, is an avid runner w … [Read more...]

Hide Your Children, Hide Your Family, Hide Your Mother

This post was written by guest contributor Nur Laura Caskey. Ricki Lake. Jerry Springer. Judge Judy gone horribly wrong. In his lectures on how Europeans came to determine which things would be considered "abnormal," Michel Foucault says "expert psychiatric opinion allows the offense, as defined by the law, to be doubled with a whole series of other things that are not the offense itself but a series of forms of conduct, of ways of being that are. . .presented in the discourse of the … [Read more...]

Hijab and the Boston Bombers

This post was written by guest contributor Nicole J. Hunter Mostafa (@nicolejhm).Ladies, let's be honest: hijab is a tired topic for us Muslimahs. We still debate, discuss, and attempt to define it, but pretty much everything has been said at some point or another. But for some, it apparently never gets old. And now, with the narrative of radicalization of the suspected Boston bombers unfolding in the media, inevitably a focus has been placed on the women in their lives. Spoiler … [Read more...]