Why British MP’s statements defending Muslim women do more harm than good

This post was written by guest contributor Shereen Malherbe (@malherbegirl).Headline grabbing assertions made by British MP Baroness Cox regarding Muslim men having up to 20 children each have been condemned by the Muslim community. In search of the representation of women in the UK media, it didn’t take me long to come across the Telegraph article where the “20 children” claim appears among a number of other statements about egregious violations of women’s rights by Muslim men under Sharia l … [Read more...]

Tabloid Dawah, Make Me A Muslim!

When I think of Britain, I don't think of a society so "rife" with promiscuity and drunkenness that its very moral fibre is in need of repair. Call me naive, but I usually imagine red telephone boxes, Mister Darcy, imperialism, fish & chips, curry houses, and Doctor Who. But according to a mini-series from 2007 called "Make Me a Muslim," Britain is so horribly off track with naked women in the streets and hooligans living hedonistic lifestyles, that things are going to get much worse unless s … [Read more...]

The Wardrobe Wars: Bikinis and Garbage Bags

It seems as though the civilizational warfare as manifested by our differing wardrobes has had two recent battles involving the Brits, burqas, and bikinis.About a week ago, a British woman in a Dubai shopping mall, allegedly wearing a shirt which seemed to reveal too much in relation to boobage and leggage, was scolded by a passing Emirati woman who felt the Brit's clothing violated the modesty dress code, put up by mall authorities in respect to the country's Islamic identity and ethos … [Read more...]

Ramadhan Book Club: Our Stories, Our Lives

Our Stories, Our Lives is an anthology of a diverse group of women in Bradford, England, offering a glimpse into their lives and their issues with reconciling their Muslim identities with being British. With the media's daily onslaught on the image of Muslims and assumptions about so-called conflicting alliances (Islam and the West), a "proud British Muslim" would sound like an oxymoron to many. But it isn't, and talking to many Muslims in Britain will tell you just that.The book--edited by … [Read more...]

Burqas and the British Police Farce

Oh, this is just hilarious. Three female police officers were ordered to dress up as Muslim women for the day just to see what it felt like. They wore traditional burkhas as part of a scheme designed to help police interact better with the Islamic community. It's like going to a fancy dress party, because, you know, Muslim women dress up all funny and weird! But, boy, them Muslims are really nasty, too! That's what the British police force is for. To catch them Muslim baddies while being … [Read more...]

The Sound of a Broken Record: Alibhai-Brown’s Essay for The Independent

Reading Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's commentary in The Independent reminded me a bit of a group of people that Khaled Abou El Fadl mentioned in his introduction to Amina Wadud's Inside the Gender Jihad. The group of people I refer to are "self-hating Muslims" with "tormented soul(s)" who seem all too eager to assuage the bigoted view of hateful Islamophobes when it comes to Muslim women and Muslims in general. Perhaps self-hating is a strong term for Alibhai-Brown, but reading her commentary, but I … [Read more...]

Mixing up the message on Islamic law

You know that game called "broken telephone" (it goes by other names too, I think), where one person whispers a message in someone's ear, who whispers it to someone else, and so on, and by the time it reaches the last person, it gets a bit warped? That's probably a pretty good analogy for what the media does on a regular basis. This week, Robert Verkaik, Law Editor for The Independent, plays telephone with the law lords of Britain.First, the headline: "Court rules Islamic law … [Read more...]