Telling the Stories of Street Children in Cairo

This post was written by guest contributor Yasmeen Nizamy.The most basic rights: that’s what we will be talking about here. Forget about the flashy statements of the declarations of human rights, for the people I’m discussing are not recognized as humans to begin with. I’m talking about street children.But, who are street children? They are known in Colombia as “the plague” or “dirty faces”. If you are Indian you’d be calling them “Sadak Chap,” while in Brazil the word for them is “Molequ … [Read more...]

Ramadan in Egypt: A Personal Perspective

Previously, I told you about Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt in a general way. Now I'm going to tell more personal details about what Ramadan is to me.This year it is very different, since it's my first Ramadan as a married woman. Yes it's exciting and nice to be married, but let's call a spade a spade: it's a mess! I mean, I can hardly maintain any energy for myself to stay awake to work, or study, recite some Qur’an and pray, and that is it. The idea of now being expected to stand up on my feet f … [Read more...]

Ramadan in Egypt

Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt is always special in its very traditional way.You wait for the Lunar confirmation that next day is first day of Ramadan, then you hear the Taraweeh Prayer calls in all mosques.A few hours later, the first Sohour begins, with a special guy (we call him “Messaharati”) banging on a drum in the streets calling for Sohour to each and every person in his neighborhood, especially kids.  Small confession: I used to make him call me by my nickname. Just imagine it, it's 3.0 … [Read more...]