NPR’s Dejabbing Sideshow

Is it just me, or has this spring seen a lot of de-jabbing articles lately?   As a “dejabi” myself, I alternate between taking these articles with a grain of salt and hoping that something put forth by the journalist will resonate with me. One of the recent pieces is NPR’s “Lifting the Veil” (har har), which looks at the stories of twelve Muslim women who stopped wearing headscarves.

The whole premise of the article bothers me: If it isn’t Muslims talking about my hair and taking about if I  wear a headscarf or not, it’s non-Muslims.  Can we get past sisters’ hair already?  Please? I was interviewed once by a Swiss researcher, and part of my photo session involved taking off and putting on my veil.  I don’t understand the fascination with the act of veiling, and the video of the sisters veiled and unveiled creeped me out accordingly.

hijab before and after

NPR's multimedia slideshow showed images of many of the women "Before and After" removing their headscarves, and included audio from them about their decisions.

The reasons put forth are your standard radio-friendly “why I took of the veil” reasons: community pressure, couldn’t find a job, crisis of faith, didn’t feel like it fit with her personality…

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