Dead Muslim Women As Opportunities

In April of 2011, 20 year-old Jessica Mokdad was allegedly gunned down by her stepfather Rahim Alfetlawi. The media uproar over the murder was immediate and, unsurprisingly, cloaked under the sensationalized trope of “honor killing.” While Mokdad’s family, including her biological father, stressed that Alfetlawi had issues of control and was not acting out of some religious convictions, the use of “honor killing” continued and served, also, most poignantly as a source for protest against even … [Read more...]

All-American Muslim Reviewed

TLC’s All-American Muslim, which I previewed last week, aired last night in the United States. The show features a group of mostly Lebanese American Muslims from Dearborn, Michigan as they go about their lives. There has been a stream of reviews, mostly positive from mainstream media outlets and ones that are more questioning by Muslim writers. Regardless of the critiques, the show is the first of its kind to feature an American Muslim community to a large viewing audience.The women p … [Read more...]

All-American Muslim: A Preview

On Sunday, November 13th, TLC is set to premier a new 8-episode series: All-American Muslim in the United States. As this comes from the same channel that brings American viewers Sister Wives and the Kate+8 debacle, I’ll admit my immediate thoughts surrounding the show are wary, to say the least, when it comes to its ability to portray “what is it like to be Muslim in America.”As I watched clips of video provided by TLC, I realized that the show’s entire cast hails from Dearborn, Michigan and … [Read more...]

Surprise! FOX News Reports are Islamophobic and Sexist!

If FOX News does anything well, it's obvious bias. A recent article, titled, "Muslim Women in U.S. Struggle to Balance Western Freedoms and Islamic Culture" makes no attempts to hide the opinion of the writer and the message she wants to convey to her readers. Each line is so riddled with assumptions and misconceptions, I don't know where to begin. The whole piece makes me cringe. Let's begin with the title. "Muslim women in U.S." makes it sound like all Muslim women come from elsewhere. How … [Read more...]