Films by Afghan Women Tell Real Stories of Struggle, Patience, and Hope

Women in Afghanistan tend to be depicted as enigmatic objects that defy human comprehension. Media sensationalism and selective reporting bear some of the blame. But thanks to projects like an Afghanistan-based Community Supported Film workshop that trained men and women on how to tell the stories on film, Afghan women are now also using media to represent themselves.The project, named The Fruit of Our Labor produced ten short films that feature different aspects of Afghans’ daily lives. … [Read more...]

“Forced to Marry”: A Look at the Documentary

Last week's "Friday Links" linked to a story of a documentary about forced marriages of young Pakistani-British girls to men in Pakistan. I followed the link and decided to watch this new British documentary. I found the film, called Forced to Marry and which aired on BBC Two on December 1st: fascinating, frustrating, disturbing, chilling, sad, and, at times, hopeful and heartening.The film, which was filmed, produced, and directed by Ruhi Hamid and narrated and presented by Saira Khan, … [Read more...]