Documenting Egypt’s Revolution: Al-Midan (The Square) Reviewed

Jehane Noujaim’s recent film, Al-Midan (translation: The Square), follows a group of Egyptian activists—many who are filmmakers and photographers themselves— involved in their nation’s ever-changing revolution(s) over the past couple of years. The film is beautifully shot, as Noujaim both follows the activists’ lives and has them describe their hopes for freedom and change as they move in and out of Tahrir Square. The film, which was picked up for release by Netflix, has been nominated in the “be … [Read more...]

When Will the Revolutions in Syria and Egypt Come to TV Dramas?

For many of us, television drama can be an enriching part of our living experience, defining many of our day-to-day conversations with family members, co-workers and social network friends.  But what happens if drama series go too far in fantasizing about our life situations by presenting us with unreal representations of events, issues and personalities that we find hard to identify with?During this past Ramadan, I found two different soap operas tackling stories of Arab women from … [Read more...]

Words of Witness: Women Journalists Document Egypt’s Revolution

Amidst masses of anxious men stands a woman in a grey and pink headscarf, armed with a to-do-list doubling as a journalist’s notepad, and a pink pen. This woman is 22-year-old Heba Afify and she is determined to document the voice of her people.Afify is the charming protagonist of a documentary titled “Words of Witness.”  Part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, the 68-minute film by filmmaker Mai Iskander follows Heba Afify as she captures the stories of citizens during the Egypti … [Read more...]

An Interview with MMW’s Eman Hashim on Egypt

Muslimah Media Watch contributor Eman Hashim was in the middle of Egypt’s Tahrir Square for the protests against former President Hosni Mubarak. Krista and Azra interviewed her to find out about her experiences.Muslimah Media Watch: At what point did you decide to join the protests happening in Cairo?  Why?Eman Hashim: Late January 25th. I wasn’t one of those who started the first spark. When things started to get ugly and I knew that I–not only as a citizen, but as an eye doctor–was needed, … [Read more...]