Female Muftis Aren’t Making Headlines. What a Surprise.

This was written by Sara Elghobashy and originally published at the elan blog.Whenever a story breaks that Muslim women are suffering somewhere in the world, the press foams at the mouth. Headlines with the words “unveiled” or “veiled” pop up everywhere and the world goes on to sing the song of “Muslim women are oppressed. Someone save them from their religion!” Yet, when news emerges that Muslim women are gaining some footing, there isn’t a peep about it in Western news outlets.This is exact … [Read more...]

All About Eve: a Women’s Only Business Complex in Dubai

Dubai's leading U.A.E.-based international property developer, Hydra Properties, recently announced plans to build an all-female office tower for businesswomen.I have mixed feelings about this.On one hand, I dislike it because it promotes segregation of the sexes and further perpetuates the idea that women need 'different' facilities in order to succeed in the workforce.This article in Emirates Business 24/7 paints the development as a Utopian picture (and for some reason gives us at the … [Read more...]

Fly Girls: the NYT’s essentialist profile of Emirati flight attendants

MMW would like to thank Thabet for the tip!Katherine Zopf's Sunday article in The New York Times about flight attendants in the Emirates set off quite a storm in the blogosphere. And rightly so: it's often eye-rollingly essentializing when discussing Arab women and society.But why waste my breath when others said it better?The Angry Arab News Service highlights two very important issues the article leaves out: First, of all consider the silly title, implying that Arab women are doomed … [Read more...]