“Snow White: An Islamic Tale” Reviewed

Terrified screams rip through a dark forest. Ghostly eyes leer and skeletal branches attack an innocent girl as she runs from a close encounter with death — and she soon falls to the ground sobbing. Later, when several strange "little men" offer her refuge in exchange for cooking and cleaning services, a twisted old woman tricks her into eating poison and she enters a death-like state. In revenge, the men chase the old woman off a cliff and hold a wake for the poor girl. While they mourn her, a c … [Read more...]

“Cinderella: An Islamic Tale” Reviewed

Pink princess toy cameras. Pink princess wallets. Pink princess magic meal time cutlery. Pink princess backpacks, pencil cases, water bottles, golden hair extensions, and the most fabulous silver sparkle princess shoes with pink flashing lights. After only a week in full-time school, my daughter Eryn has embraced this new world of marketing around princess culture -- and even though she has never seen a Disney princess film, she can now name all of the popular princesses off by … [Read more...]