9 Things That Make Ramadan Memories Special to Me

Ramadan is here! And although its true essence is all about our pursuit of spiritual elevation, we – Muslims – celebrate it in every way possible. Thus, special memories about Ramadan are engraved in our hearts, and I would like to share some of mine here.

1. I was born in Ramadan: When I was a little kid, I thought this makes me special. Ramadan is a holy month and I always believed that anyone born in this month is holy or maybe a wali (saint)! This was my childhood wishful thinking, for I’m nothing near that holy state, but still feel happy for this fact and celebrate it. Next year inshAllah my Hijri birthday will coincide with my Gregorian birthday (which tells a lot about my age if you know what I mean!)

A Kunafa maker prepares Kunafa dough. [Source].

2. Ramadan Specials: Kunafa, Atayef, Amar eldein and Khushaf. These are desserts that I can’t imagine Ramadan without and you will not find them any time in the rest of the year (except for Kunafa).

Kunafa, the most famous Ramadan dessert, comes with variety of fillings: cream, nuts, raisins, cheese (especially in the Levant), and the most recent addition, mango! It is almost a ritual for me to watch the Kunafa maker (In Egypt we call him Kanafany) prepares Kunafa dough in the street. Nowadays there are machines that produce Kunafa dough to accommodate for the huge demand, but nothing beats the scene of the Kunafa maker doing it himself! [Read more...]