The Fight of the Century: Chesler vs. Wolf

This was originally published at my personal site.Phyllis Chesler and Naomi Wolf have gotten themselves into a battle royale over…the veil.And everyone seems to be concerned what two privileged non-Muslim white ladies think about this subject. Funny, considering Chesler picks fights all the time, and no one seemed to be interested in an actual debate she had with Dorchen Leidholdt a few months ago about Islam and women that was actually informed and somewhat rational (on Dorchen's end, a … [Read more...]

The Other Half of the Sky: the NYT Magazine’s Women’s Crusade Issue

At the heart of many of the problems plaguing Muslim women in developing nations is a dollar bill, not a Qur’an. That was the overall impression I received from reading last Sunday’s Times Magazine. The issue of women in developing nations may not appear to be an impending issue for the Muslim community. In fact, the phrase “women in development” may turn away many readers. However, these issues are at the heart of many global conflicts, and in many cases, these impoverished women are Muslims the … [Read more...]