Getting to Know Amina Wadud: Review of A Jihad for Justice

A couple of weeks ago Kecia Ali, Juliane Hammer, and Laury Silvers presented the e-book A Jihad for Justice: Honoring the Work and Life of Amina Wadud (the link takes you to a full PDF of the book). The e-book is meant to be a Festschrift, a German word for “a collection of academic essays by students of a significant scholar upon [her/his] retirement,” as described in the introduction.

The pieces in this book are largely written by academics, yet it comprises a great and honest effort not only to celebrate Dr. Wadud’s life, but also to make room within the academy for personal experiences. While some of the pieces remain highly academic, with scholarly concepts and references to very specific sources, others are quite accessible in that they relate to daily life and reflect personal experiences. [Read more...]