Mutant Bread and Exploding Oatmeal: Holiday Foods Gone Wild

When people talk about Ramadan and Eid traditions, food is one of the most recurring topics.  Usually this comes up in nostalgic stories about childhood favourites, or about delicious iftar memories.But, well, those aren’t the only reasons that holiday foods might be remembered.  Sometimes the reasons for the memories are a little more, shall we say, disastrous.  Or, at the very least, unexpected.This year's Ramadan started off with a delicious and beautiful suhoor spread prepared by … [Read more...]

Faster’s Remorse

This post was written by guest contributor Nicole Hunter Mostafa.My non-Muslim friends and family may have a hard time understanding why, but Ramadan is a wonderful time of year for me. Of course, it’s difficult to fast, especially during the summer months, but regardless of the time of year, it’s always lovely when Ramadan rolls around again, not least of all because it’s a time when I get to eat food that’s reserved for this month.The first time I fasted for Ramadan, I was not yet Musli … [Read more...]

Non-Traditional Foodisms in Ramadan

Every Ramadan, there are delicious food articles and recipe ideas published on various sites and magazines. They are often inspired by peoples’ lived experience with food, memories of traditions and practical ideas for meal preparation in Ramadan.A delicious chutney accompanying a home-cooked samosa, fresh juices, Rooh Azfa cocktails, traditional rice dishes, divinely prepared meats and wonderful smorgasbord of delights at iftaar time. My mother-in-law is a fantastic cook and has spent m … [Read more...]