“Do You Dream?” – A Police Campaign against Honour-Related Crimes

As the summer vacation begins in Sweden, so does a campaign against a broad variety of crimes that the police have been addressing under the category hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck - “honour-related violence and oppression.” In particular, the police have focused on forced marriage, which they believe to be a “seasonal” crime, as the risk of people being forced into marriage are greater during the summer with the long leave.As one article covering the campaign put it, summer vacation is “n … [Read more...]

“Forced to Marry”: A Look at the Documentary

Last week's "Friday Links" linked to a story of a documentary about forced marriages of young Pakistani-British girls to men in Pakistan. I followed the link and decided to watch this new British documentary. I found the film, called Forced to Marry and which aired on BBC Two on December 1st: fascinating, frustrating, disturbing, chilling, sad, and, at times, hopeful and heartening.The film, which was filmed, produced, and directed by Ruhi Hamid and narrated and presented by Saira Khan, … [Read more...]