At the Centre of the Debate on Secularism, Faith, and Gender Equality

Last week, Christopher Majka posted an article on in response to Sheema Khan’s piece in the Globe and Mail entitled “Muslim men: Stop blaming women.”At the centre of the debate is: what is the best way to bring gender equality and rights to Muslim women? Is it at all possible? Should it be a faith-based solution or a secular one?Sheema Khan’s article speaks to Egyptian women’s current situation under the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence, and focuses on the Brotherhood’s latest pre … [Read more...]

Book Review – Sufi Narratives of Intimacy: Ibn Arabi, Gender, and Sexuality

This review was originally published at Muslim Views.Research in the areas of Islamic and Gender Studies often overlap when it comes to the question of women in the Islamic spiritual tradition. What does Sufism offer to men and women seeking out paths of equality and egalitarianism? How does maleness or femaleness influence spirituality, and is the notion of the un-gendered soul a tenable one in the context of a hyper-gendered legal tradition? Is it possible to go beyond socially instituted … [Read more...]