Queendom of Saudi Arabia Actually a Result of Kneejerk Journalistic Illiteracy

About two weeks ago, my bulging eyes nearly met my falling jaw when I came across a flood of tweets in my feed about the Saudi Industrial Property Authority, “MODON,” building an all-woman city to boost the country’s economy and productivity all while ensuring that no one gets a hickey from the opposite sex in the process. I’m not going to lie or even attempt to hide the fact that I was extremely excited at this prospect; the possibility for the emergence of a matriarchal society challenging Saud … [Read more...]

Pray-in Weigh-in: The D.C. Mosque Protest

At the end of February, a Muslimah “pray-in” led by Fatima Thompson at the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. created a stir in the media.  A small group of women chose to pray in the back of the men’s section of the prayer area, rather than use the separate women’s section.  Mosque leaders proceeded to inform the police after unsuccessfully asking the women to move to the small women’s “area off to the side and gated off by a solid seven foot partition.”  The women were eventually asked to leave … [Read more...]

All About Eve: a Women’s Only Business Complex in Dubai

Dubai's leading U.A.E.-based international property developer, Hydra Properties, recently announced plans to build an all-female office tower for businesswomen.I have mixed feelings about this.On one hand, I dislike it because it promotes segregation of the sexes and further perpetuates the idea that women need 'different' facilities in order to succeed in the workforce.This article in Emirates Business 24/7 paints the development as a Utopian picture (and for some reason gives us at the … [Read more...]

Looking at Masjid Inequality in Australia

'Eid Mubarak to everyone! 'Eid ul'adha is a reflective time for Muslims all over. There's the story Abraham and Ismail's sacrifice to God and what that sacrifice means in terms of our own relationships to God. There's also Hagar's story of being in the desert and actively asking God to help her find food and water for her and her child. During Hajj itself, there are many lessons learned by the pilgrims. One of the greatest is the equality of all Muslims before God. During hajj, men and women … [Read more...]