Friday Links

A group of Afghan men have marched through the capital Kabul in burkas to draw attention to women's rights.A group of Afghan men have marched through the capital Kabul in burkas to draw attention to women's rights. Pakistani group "No Guts, No Heart, No Glory" hopes to change the way some media outlets depict Muslim women as oppressed and subservient, weak victims, or jihadi brides. Yasmeen Kamel writes about hiring policies that target Muslim women in the US, and discusses the court case … [Read more...]

Ridiculing Boko Haram Where It Hurts

Editor's Note: Please join me in welcoming Anike, MMW's newest contributor!  You may know her better from her blog as "cosmic yoruba."  We're thrilled to have Anike join the MMW team.It is still quite rare to come across depictions of Muslim women in “mainstream” Ghanaian or Nigerian media. (By “mainstream”, I am referring to media available in English or pidgin as opposed to those targeting specific audiences and done in local languages.) When the rare West African Muslim woman pops up on s … [Read more...]

Rocky, the fighter

This article was written by Jordan Robinson and originally appeared at AltMuslimah.It’s a hard lesson for many of us to learn: how to be confident, strong and bold while maintaining a healthy balance of humble demure with friends, family and elders. It’s usually a lesson that involves us trying to prove our maturity, leadership and independence, cheered on by a culture that glorifies youthful exuberance, and then getting cut down to size on life’s many chopping blocks.The new film Bronx Prin … [Read more...]