Girls Just Wanna Get Married: On Hamas, Matchmaking, and Femininity

It seems as of late, the media has taken a very keen interest in the personal details of the lives of Muslim women. My fellow writers here at MMW have discussed this phenomenon. The Associated Press is now adding to this by telling us how Hamas is getting in on the matchmaking business.The title of the original AP article isn’t so bad: “Love Connection: Hamas gets into matchmaking biz”. The original article that I found on Google also has no pictures either. So you’re less likely to come away w … [Read more...]

“In Gaza, It’s 9/11 every hour, every minute, everywhere.”

Like a lot of people, I've spent the past couple of days glued to my TV set and the papers, monitoring the horrible situation in the Gaza strip, and the Arab world's increasing disenchantment with Egypt.So far, according to the UN, at least 373 Palestinians have been killed and 1,720 are injured. Of those killed, approximately 1/3 were women and children. In terms of civilian casualties, some analysts have called this the worst attack since the 1967 war. ("Counting makes it's easier," says … [Read more...]