A Woman Without Hijab is Like a Chair with Three Legs

If you still haven’t figured out that wearing black chadors will save your worldly soul and that wearing lipstick and heels will get you sent to the hellfire, Iran’s “Cyber Group for Promoting Chastity and the Veil [Ifaf]" is here to clear that up for you.  They are sponsored by the Iranian government and have a sleek website where you can view their posters, buy t-shirts, and brush up on hijab laws in Iran!They have a new ad campaign for “good hijab” (because, you know, chastity really only ha … [Read more...]

No Headscarf, No Entry: Golshifteh Farahani’s Dilemma

MMW's Friday Links last week had within it three links about Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani (below), who has appeared in the recent Hollywood film Body of Lies. Apparently, from the news reports, it seems that Farahani has created quite a stir within Iran, or as the LA Times reported some "Middle East-style intrigue". Middle East-style intrigue? What is Middle East-style intrigue? Are they referring to the issue some Iranians are having with her appearance in an American film? The comment … [Read more...]

Yeah… it’s that scarf thing again.

I want to take a temporary (temporary, I promise!) break from our moratorium on headscarves to highlight this article, which actually deals with many of the points I brought up in a post a while ago, asking why people get so caught up in headscarves and burqas when there are so many bigger fish to fry. Faisal al Yafai, a London-based journalist, writes on the Guardian's Comment is free about the need for Western feminists to get over the veil, and speculates on some of the reasons for the … [Read more...]