At the Centre of the Debate on Secularism, Faith, and Gender Equality

Last week, Christopher Majka posted an article on in response to Sheema Khan’s piece in the Globe and Mail entitled “Muslim men: Stop blaming women.”At the centre of the debate is: what is the best way to bring gender equality and rights to Muslim women? Is it at all possible? Should it be a faith-based solution or a secular one?Sheema Khan’s article speaks to Egyptian women’s current situation under the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence, and focuses on the Brotherhood’s latest pre … [Read more...]


And speaking of trash bags, here's a poster for Germany's International Human Rights ad campaign:The translation reads: “Oppressed women are easily overlooked. Please support us in the fight for their rights.”Outrageous.Thanks to Kawthar for the tip! … [Read more...]

Sacrificing Sakineh: Western Intervention and Iranian Politics

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is now a high-profile human rights case around the world. The chronology of Ashtiani’s case has been reported by a number of sources, but here’s the basic story: in 2006, Ashtiani was accused of having an illicit relationship with two men after the death of her husband. However, the confession presented by the Iranian authorities as evidence has been reported to have been obtained under torture. Ashtiani was sentenced to 99 lashes, but no details about the men were pro … [Read more...]

Free Shadi Sadr, Uphold Women’s Rights

This guest post was written by Rochelle Terman.Shadi Sadr, the prominent Iranian lawyer and women’s rights defender, was violently arrested by plainclothes security officials on her way to Friday Prayers on June 17, 2009.Sadr was the latest causality amidst the ongoing crackdown of Iranian civil society following the disputed Iranian election on June 12. Since then, hundreds of activists, intellectuals, and dissidents have been arrested without cause or due process.While all of these a … [Read more...]