TEDxMogadishu: A Talk by Ilwad Elman

Last week, Samya covered the TEDxMogadishu talks for MMW.  As Samya wrote, "TEDx Mogadishu is not just a meeting of creative minds to gather and share their views on the welfare of the people in Somalia; it is also an opportunity for outsiders to change their perceptions about developments in that country, especially as they relate to women and children." A first TEDxMogadishu talk has been edited and posted online.  The talk, by Ilwad Elman, is entitled "In Memory of My Father, I Returned … [Read more...]

TEDx Mogadishu and the Symbolic Rebirth of a Torn Society

During the past three decades, global perceptions of Somalia have for the most part been shaped by images of the country as a disaster area, ravaged by poverty and war. Somalia seems to appear in the news only in the context of humanitarian assistance appeals or of Al Qaeda-inspired militias carrying out their heinous acts across the country.Since the outbreak of the civil war in 1991, there has been virtually no central government control in Somalia. The country has been characterized as a … [Read more...]