From the unibrow sidekick to the feisty heroine

This post was written by guest contributor Nasia Ullas (@mrsmumshad).I live in Kerala, the only state in India which boasts a 100% literacy rate, which I often think comes with its boons and banes. We Malayalees are all too opinionated, go on strikes at the drop of a hat, and discuss politics way too much. We also claim to make realistic cinema which sweeps away all the Indian national cinema awards every year.  This seems to mean that usually when a movie is made about Muslims, it’s going to … [Read more...]

Zarina Hashmi: Mapping Home

Susan Friedman has described the homonym roots/routes as "two sides of the same coin: roots, signifying identity based on stable cores and continuities; routes, suggesting identity based on travel, change and disruption." I have always visualized veteran artist Zarina Hashmi's home on wheels as embodying this duality. Like much of her work, her piece entitled I Went on a Journey explores the concept of "home" and self-location. As she puts it, "I make a home wherever I am. My home is my hiding … [Read more...]

The Muslims of India Reborn

For an extended analysis of India Reborn see Muslim Lookout.CBC TV recently played a four-part documentary on India called India Reborn. The series was well-done and diverse, demonstrating India to be a paradox of a country. From filthy, filthy rich people to the dirt poor, India is a country of all colors, figuratively and literally. India also has the second largest Muslim population in the world, with the largest being Indonesia. Yet, Muslims are still a relatively small minority in the … [Read more...]

Shabana Azmi plays Devil’s advocate

At 13% of the population, Muslims are a significant demographic in India. However, relations between Muslims and other populations in India, most notably the Hindu population, have not always gone smoothly. Shabana Azmi is an Indian actor, social activist and ex-MP who spoken extensively on various issues impacting Indian Muslims. Some of her views have caused controversy. For instance, after September 11th, she criticized a religious leader who advocated that Indians join Afghans in their fight … [Read more...]