Unpacking #MuslimMaleAllies

Earlier this month, Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah wreaked havoc on International Women’s Day (IWD) after posting a series of painfully sexist comments on Twitter and Facebook. Reactions were virtually instant and plentiful. Among the more interesting responses, Hind Makki started using #MuslimMaleAllies on Twitter. That the hashtag became widely popular raises questions about the expectations (or lack thereof) we have for Muslim men within our communities. For those that haven’t been following, he … [Read more...]

Updates from Elsewhere

We're sharing some excerpts today from a few different stories that relate to things we've covered recently on MMW.  Enjoy!The editors of Love, InshAllah, which Merium reviewed in February, wrote an article for International Women's Day about the importance of listening to Muslim women's diverse stories: There is no denying that there is subjugation and oppression of women committed by Muslims, in the name of Islam, the world over -- just as we know there is injustice occurring everyday … [Read more...]

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Salam alaikum, readers!I'm traveling this week, and so I didn't have any time to put together my usual Friday Links.I thought I would share one link with you, however. I spoke with Voice of America about stereotypes of Muslim women in Western media. I hope you enjoy it!Since this week saw International Women's Day, I wanted to check in with everyone.What did you do for International Women's Day? Did you participate in local or international events? … [Read more...]

The Commercialization and De-Politization of IWD: A giant leap backwards for woman kind

This was originally published at Hurriyet Daily News. The author is unknown.In a Fethiye beauty salon window, I saw an advertisement suggesting customers celebrate International Women’s Day, or IWD, by getting a manicure and a new hairdo. I received messages from my bank wishing me "Happy Women’s Day." And then there were the ads on TV: "Buy a diamond for your darling on World Women’s Day!" I was confused. This wasn’t my idea of what this globally recognized day was supposed to be about, but p … [Read more...]