Delara Darabi has been executed–UPDATED

Salam waleykum, readers.It's with a heavy heart that I spread the word about Delara Darabi's execution. She was executed today, on May 1st, according to news reports. There isn't a lot out there, but here's a linkup of all the news stories at this time:Amnesty International Stop Child Executions Save Delara BlogThere are several demonstrations planned internationally. You can check out the Save Delara Facebook group for information.May Allah give her peace and justice.Update May 2, … [Read more...]

My Daughters’ Keeper: Nahid Persson’s “Prostitution Behind The Veil”

For a relatively high-brow TV channel, BBC4 is known for providing top quality programs and dramas. So when the BBC commemorated the 30th anniversary of Islamic Revolution in Iran, I became glued to the channel's string of intriguing documentaries on all things Iranian, post-1979. There were plenty on Iran-US nuclear politics and the fall of the Shah, all testosterone-fueled stuff. Sticking out from the rest for bearing themes that were uniquely female was the unfortunately-titled Prostitution … [Read more...]

A Look at Women in Iran 30 years after the Islamic Revolution

It has been 30 years since the Islamic Revolution in Iran and Western media has a slew of various features looking at Iran. The subject of many of these features is Iranian women and, the common themes in these stories are that Iranian women have made some progress, but that more progress has to be made.There is the usual focus on hijab, with stories pointing out that hijab is mandatory. The AFP seemed particularly focused on hijab: "The Islamic republic still struggles to keep women properly … [Read more...]

Does a masculine air rule over poetry awards in Iran?

This was originally published on ISNA and Payvand. It has been edited for clarity. The first award for female Iranian poets will be awarded in the week of December 21-27 (first week of the Iranian month of Dey). According to the news agency ISNA, in the news conference held on November 23rd, seven works have been selected out of 17 for the final competition: According to Alborz Time (Be vaghte Alborz), by Mehrnoosh Ghorbanali, Ahange Digar Publications Autumn will reach … [Read more...]

Online Activism: Can it Work?

MMW thanks Ali Eteraz for The Huffington Post tip.Last week, Peter Daou at The Huffington Post wrote about the use of the internet's growing and powerful use as an activist medium. He stated that "[o]ne universal aspect of effective activism is raising awareness and there's no doubt that the web is an ideal tool to do that..." He continued to say that the rise of the internet as a tool of activism is "transformative, not just because it is a web-driven enhancement of traditional political and … [Read more...]

Iran unveils new car for women

As soon as I saw the headline, I have to admit I was thinking "huh?" and "what!" I'm not too keen on products geared towards women because usually these products rely heavily on stereotypes. Unfortunately, this new feminine car does just that.It's suppose to come out in a range of "feminine colors" and "interior designs" because we are just so keen on how our car looks. I guess those guys in my neighborhood who spend thousands of dollars on rims and getting their car waxed didn't get the memo … [Read more...]

The Stoning of Soraya M.

This was written by Pedestrian and originally appeared at her blog.When you come from a broken home, it’s tough to talk about your past – or present.How much do you let out? How much does the world need to know?I couldn’t help ponder the issue over and over as I was watching clips from The Stoning of Soraya M. on YouTube.At surface level, it sounds simple. Before we solve age old questions about the questions of religion and state, velayat-e faghih, the right of inheritance, etc, etc, w … [Read more...]