Fashion as Resistance: The Case of Mali

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post discussing the attempt among Muslim leaders in Russia to prove that Russian Muslim women are modern and fashionable, unlike Muslims elsewhere. Soon after, fashion made headlines again, this time in the case of Mali, with Yahoo! News reporting on Darkar Fashion Week 2012.The event, which takes place in Senegal, has been attracting designers from all over Africa for the past ten years. The event has been reported to attempt to bring Africa forward in the … [Read more...]

From Bikinis to Burkas: How to Write Another Clichéd Tell-All Exposé

It’s hard not to judge a book by its cover, or in this case, an article by its headline, when the first words that scream out at you are: From bikinis to burkas: A Yemeni memoir.If your first thought is, “Not again. Haven’t we been down this cliché-littered road before?” then you’re not alone.But since Yemen is the latest Muslim-majority country to grace the headlines of nearly every recent newspaper article and television broadcast, it was almost inevitable that the world would soon be privy … [Read more...]

Truth or Scare: Raheel Raza’s Fear Mongering

She's at it again. No too long ago Krista covered Raheel Raza's critique of a supposed Islamist* threat in Canada. Well, Raza's published another piece, but this time in the right-wing American Thinker. And this time her claims have become even more questionable, and to be honest a little ludicrous.Now it seems Raza, through her piece in the American Thinker, is trying to warn Americans of the Islamist threat to the north, here in Canada. In the process she has pointed a very damning finger … [Read more...]