Jezebel and the Broken Jihad Record

Following the lead of the always reliable Daily Mail, Jezebel recently published a post declaring how awful it is to call your child “Jihad,” suggesting that this is tantamount to naming a child “Hitler.”Cassie Murdoch starts by drawing a parallel to the story of a New Jersey couple that named two of their children Adolf Hitler Campbell and  JoceLynn Aryan National Campbell. Murdoch links this case and with a Daily Mail story about a woman who named her baby Jihad, a word that Murdoch defines … [Read more...]

Jezebel Turns Osama bin Laden’s Daughter into a Killing Machine

Though one expects a whopping media event like the death of Osama Bin Laden to produce speculative stories on an industrial scale, it is to be hoped that the speculation is at least based in reality. Blogs engage in wild speculation, but serious media blogs are still behooved to be based on facts; otherwise, we might as well read slash fiction.None of this quibbling for Anna North at Jezebel, who ponders the future of Osama bin Laden's 12-year-old daughter, Safiyah, in a recent post. By … [Read more...]