Not There Yet: Inclusion, Acceptance and Support for LGBTQ Muslims

Discussions on LGBTQ inclusion in Muslim communities are one of those things that make my blood boil because in my community, as in some others, Muslims who support same-sex unions and condemn homophobia tend to be disregarded. For many Muslims, the recognition of Muslims who may identify as queer or trans poses a challenge to many of our communities, either for our theological, cultural or political reasons.For me, speaking about LGBTQ Muslims has brought along a lot of contention among … [Read more...]

Discussing LGBTQ Issues in Islam: Shifts, or More of the Same?

Media coverage of LGTBQ issues in Islam is largely influenced by the political contexts in which it is discussed. LGTBQ Muslims are often categorized and talked about in all sorts of weird ways (as this post demonstrates). In the media, this gets expressed in different ways. Sometimes, coverage focuses on the theological debates surrounding homosexuality. In some other instances, Western media discusses LGTBQ rights in Islam as if they were a novelty and an import from the “LGTBQ-friendly West” t … [Read more...]