Friday Links November 11

During this years hajj, not only did women outnumber men, for the first time there were trained female hajj guides available. On the first day of the Hajj alone, 20 women miscarried and 7 gave birth. The oldest woman to do hajj this year must have been a 110 (or 109) year old Turkish woman. May Allah accept her hajj and that of all the pilgrims!Oil money is not for men alone: wealthy women investors in the Arab Gulf region are on the rise.Yasmina Badou, Morocco's health minister, slept o … [Read more...]

Friday Links — July 30, 2010

In Pakistan, a court has freed a mentally ill woman who has been held without trial for 14 years on allegations of desecrating the Qur'an.Muslim Voices reports that a Saudi sheikh has called for only Muslim women to work as maids in Saudi Arabia. More from the Los Angeles Times.Muslim women in the U.K. attend armed forces memorial. More here.On polygyny in Bahrain.The memorial  to Marwa el-Sherbini in Dresden, Germany was desecrated last week.The Wall Street Journal talks … [Read more...]

Friday Links — July 16, 2010

You've probably heard that France banned the niqab. Some people like it and some don't. More here and here and here and here and here.Bangladesh bans local elders from meting out punishments according to religious law, which will make it difficult for them to order the flogging of rape victims.The USA Today examines a skateboarding school for girls in Afghanistan.Q & A with artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat.Some religious leader in Kuwait sticks his nose into a Muslim-Jewish … [Read more...]

Friday Links — December 4, 2009

The American Spectator talks about how "un-Islamic" the niqab is. (eyeroll)Meanwhile, Tariq Ramadan believes France's attempt to ban the niqab reflects growing self-doubt in their society.The National and Sheikha Fatima agree: women in the U.A.E. have come a long way, baby.How Iraqi women are paying for their "liberation."News from The Feminist School on Iranian women activists and the Family Protection Bill.Britain's Baroness Warsi was egged last week. By Muslims. … [Read more...]

Friday Links — Novemer 13, 2009

Saudi women participate in a black ribbon campaign to lobby against guardianship.Aicha Ech Channa wins the Opus Prize for helping unwed mothers despite Moroccan society's condemnation.emel magazine highlights Britain's Sure Start program and profiles a woman who volunteers for it.Oxford starts a scholarship in memory of Neda Agha Soltan.The Arab Women Organization has organized a media training session to implement an "information strategy for Arab women designed to present a … [Read more...]

Friday Links — October 2, 2009

Police have charged the British hoteliers who harassed a Muslim client. More here.Demand for hymen reconstruction surgery is rising in Turkey.Muslim and Dalit women India eradicate corruption in a local health centers.More on the mannequin situation in Iran.In the wake of Chesler vs. Wolf, a woman who actually wears an abaya speaks up.WLUML reports on the caning of Kartika.Hundreds of women demonstrated in Brussels, calling for the veil and all other religious clothes or … [Read more...]

Friday Links — July 24, 2009

Last weekend, Natalya Estemirova was murdered. There are pictures of her burial ceremony, which was stopped by police officers. May Allah give her peace and justice.A South African Constitutional Court has ruled that widows of polygamous marriages deserve to inherit a share of their deceased husbands’ estates.Dilshad Ali attends the WISE conference in Kuala Lumpur, where the Global Muslim Women's Shoura Council began a "Jihad Against Violence." More from The National.A woman has b … [Read more...]