Looking at Little Mosque’s Layla

It's been a little while since we last discussed Little Mosque on the Prairie, a Canadian television sitcom about a Muslim community in a small (fictional) town.  We've written before about its handling of the question of separate mosque entrances for men and women; the character of Sarah, a white Muslim woman; an interview with the actress who plays Rayyan; the reaction to Layla's crush on a boy at the mosque; and a couple general overviews of the show from back in its earlier days.Season … [Read more...]

Rear View: LMOTP Tackles Mosque Segregation

This piece was written by both Sobia and Krista and originally posted at Muslim Lookout.  Viewers in Canada can now watch full episodes of the show here.  This review looks at Episode 18, "Baber Makes an Entrance."Sobia: It's been a while since I've written about Little Mosque on the Prairie. Unfortunately I haven't been watching it on a regular basis. However, after seeing this week's promo my curiosity was peaked. The premise this week: Baber, the ultra-conservative Muslim is convinced by t … [Read more...]

Looking at Sarah from Little Mosque

The third season of Little Mosque on the Prairie has just started up, so I figured it was time to have a discussion about it. Actually, I'll be honest and admit that really, the reason I'm talking about it is that I wrote a paper on it for a class on popular culture last week, and figured I'd multi-task by tweaking the paper to post on MMW as well. But still. Although Little Mosque has been discussed on MMW a few times already, there's always lots to say..As a white Muslim woman who … [Read more...]