Muslimahs Want Their MTV

Last year, I got a call from a young cousin who informed me, with sheer glee, that the new One Direction music video featured a young Muslim in hijab. Those few seconds in the video that highlighted a giddy, veiled teenager were a breakthrough for young identifiable Muslimahs in the world. I think this meant that I was supposed to embrace the boy band that I had successfully been trying to avoid. I must admit I checked out the video. OK, I can’t lie. I watched it on repeat about ten times. ( … [Read more...]

Bad Girls Do It Well: MMW Responds to M.I.A.’s Latest Video

The new “Bad Girls” music video by M.I.A. has been circulating over the past week or so.  For those who haven’t seen it, it's posted below, and here’s one description from a  LA Times blog post: Set to M.I.A.’s Punjabi-laced chill-banger, “Bad Girls” is a lady gangsta fantasy but one that plays off very real ingredients from life in the Middle East. There’s crumbled architecture, sustained over years of attack; smouldering oil tankards; young men in kaffiyeh, standing around dangerously bor … [Read more...]

M.I.A.’s Niqab: Costume or Comment?

For Spike TV's "Scream 2010" Awards, M.I.A. wore a niqab. There's another image here.Discuss.Thanks to Jezebel for the tip. … [Read more...]

I’ll Show You Islamic Hood (ie)

This was written by Taz and originally published at Sepia Mutiny. Muslimah Media Watch thanks Cycads for the tip!Our recently retired around the way desi girl made a come back this past week in New York. Not in music, but in fashion. Yes, the queen of sparkly spandex and fake purple flowers on derby hats debuted her new line at same time as New York’s Fashion Week. As promised, M.I.A. has launched her limited-edition clothing line, and the “Okley Run” store is open for business on her Web site. … [Read more...]